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Q: What is the purpose of Tendle?

A: Tendle was created to keep parents of their child’s school directly connected.  Please refer to the homepage to watch our video.

Q: Why is there an anonymous function?

A: The anonymous function was created so that parents would not hesitate to come forward to other parents about sensitive topics, such as bullying.  Catching problems early could save a child’s life.

Q: What if someone posts offensive content or information I consider spam?

A: You may use the “report” button to flag the comment or parent.  Tendle’s admin team will review the content, remove the post, and if needed remove the user from the site.

Q: Where can I share my idea for a function I would like to see incorporated on the site?

A: Click on the menu button in top left corner. There is a “feedback”  link.  We would love to hear your ideas!

Q: What type of information is exchanged on Tendle?

A: Any type of information may be exchanged between parents of a particular school that you are a member of.  Examples may include: school events, off campus events, off campus parties, witnessed bullying,  teacher information, school course information, school project due dates, carpool, or real time sports scores. Information sharing is endless.

Q: Is there general information provided on the site that is not parent generated?

A: Yes, the “Home” page will feature information on global issues, such as apps to watch for on your child’s phone or tips on how to monitor your child’s social media use.

Q: May I send out invitations to my son’s birthday party on the site?

A: Yes, the site has a built-in function to create an event invitation. This could and can be used for any type of event, such as fundraisers.

Q: Is this a parenting advice website?

A:  No. There is no advice given on the site. Tendle is a social network, designed to allow parents to exchange information.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If you would like to cancel your subscription, email us.


Q: Is my information secure on this site?

A: Yes, Tendle is a SSL certified site. For increased security, each page and all content is encrypted.


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