Tendle is a social media platform that for the first time connects parents directly and based on their child’s specific school.  Parents now have a private network to send out event invitations, start a fundraiser, share school updates in real-time, such as sports scores, the information to be exchanged is endless.  Tendle is also vital for the communication regarding more sensitive topics such as new and dangerous trends, unsupervised parties, or bullying.  An alarming percentage of these situations go unattended to for a variety of reasons, but Tendle is hoping to bridge that gap.  You or your child may be hesitant to come forward about such sensitive topics, but Tendle allows you to send private and anonymous messages directly to other parents.  This can help potential problems from escalating.  Technology and trends change at a rapid pace, Tendle’s home page is dedicated to sharing information that will promote a universal awareness of issues, such as apps to watch for on your child’s phone.  We all know it takes a village to raise a child.  Today, that village is Tendle’s virtual community where parents can interact and share information that helps them stay up to date on their children’s school activities and news.

Join Tendle.com today to establish your virtual village.